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The Ghost model, the famous designer and architect was a huge success during the 80s and 90s

The Ghost model, the famous designer and architect was a huge success during the 80s and 90s Philippe Stark was inspired by the style of furniture own certain periods of European history and designed transparent chair to which he gave the name of each one of those periods. Since then, everyone wantdecorate your home with [...]

5 Tips for ordering the closet

These tips may seem too obvious, but face a chaotic and messy closet can be a very daunting task. Here are five easy steps to simplificarte exercise to create more space in your closet. 1. Sort and donate Review your clothes one by one andaway all that are stained, torn or discolored. Donate clothes that [...]


The INE data show that Spaniards consume 149 liters of water per person per day, which is an excessive figure considering that water is one of the most precious but at the same time scarcest goods. In this article we want to give you some simple tips to apply in your day to day and [...]

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Tendencias decoración 2018

Overall, the house is perceived today, more than ever, as a refuge from a stressful and unstable outside. The softness in materials, with velvet head, finding natural finishes and spaces wherefeel good are some of the keys to 2018. This is what is known as Jomo (Joy of Missing Out), a step Hygge beyond that [...]

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Arma tu propio rincón o habitación para manualidades

Tus materiales para manualidades se acumulan en cajas, bolsas y rincones de tu hogar? No tienes un espacio exclusivo para trabajar o, se hace difícil cuando tienes peques que cuidar? Te encanta crear, de hecho lo haces y no sabes dónde exponer o guardar tus manualidades? Hoy voy a tratar de darles respuesta a todas esas [...]


We are all unique. And that's how we like to sleep. Are you a starfish? Or maybe a leg hugger? The position in which you sleep may reveal some things about your personality. Check out some different sleeping positions here. 1. The cradle of love Only four out of one hundred sleeping couples turned toward [...]

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¿Me compro una plancha o un centro de planchado?

Esta pregunta es habitual cuando tenemos que renovar la plancha después de años con ella. Es probable que no conozcamos las prestaciones de los nuevos modelos y que nos planteemos si merece la pena invertir un poco más y hacernos con un centro de planchado. En este post te damos las claves para ayudarte a [...]