The INE data show that Spaniards consume 149 liters of water per person per day, which is an excessive figure considering that water is one of the most precious but at the same time scarcest goods.

In this article we want to give you some simple tips to apply in your day to day and be able to save on the consumption of the washing machine.

First of all, keep in mind that the washing machine is the third appliance that consumes the most energy, since each family puts an average of 3 to 5 washing machines per week.
It is important to consider the type of washing machine we need to meet the needs of our home.
Keep in mind that a more efficient washing machine are more expensive but in the long run they save more energy. Therefore, this expense is amortized in approximately one year because it consumes less electricity.

We have to look at the energy label and buy the most efficient possible.
The consumption of a class A washing machine has gone down in history, that is, they are no longer manufactured, but they can still be found in some stores until the end of stock.
The consumption of an A +++ washing machine is minimal, with savings being one of the main characteristics since they enjoy energy excellence.

The washing machine BOSCH WAT28661ES has the latest technology in saving water and detergent since it automatically doses the necessary measure in each cycle.
The difference between the consumption of an A ++ washer with an A +++ is the electricity consumption based on a classification that is governed by the Energy Efficiency Index. This index marks the relationship between the total cooling capacity and the effective input power.
The difference between a washing machine A + and an A ++ can translate into almost 20% energy savings during the service life of the appliance.

The Whirlpool AWE2240 washer with energy class A ++ offers simplicity, comfort and space allowing you a program for quality garments that will take care of your most special fabrics.
The detergent is also very important, we have to choose a product that is capable of washing at low temperatures and use as little as possible to avoid residues that could spoil the operation of the washing machine.

Choosing the right program is another advice to save consumption. According to the degree of dirtiness of the clothes, we will adapt it to the type of washing and we will be more efficient.
If you have an emergency and you need to put the washing machine with little clothes, remember to use a program of half load or even we recommend washing it by hand.

It is curious that 90% of the consumption of the washing machine is used to heat the water, so if we use cold washing cycles (programs of 60 degrees instead of 90 degrees) we will be reducing consumption considerably without any effort.

The cleaning of the washing machine is fundamental for a correct operation, keeping the drum clean, the detergent box or the rubber will help us to extend the life of our appliance.
And do not forget to check and clean the filter that may be clogged by excess lime.
After this analysis on some key points to save, let’s practice, visit our website!
With the consumption of an A +++ washer you are not only saving money but you are also improving the future of the ecosystem and your quality of life.

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