Overall, the house is perceived today, more than ever, as a refuge from a stressful and unstable outside. The softness in materials, with velvet head, finding natural finishes and spaces wherefeel good are some of the keys to 2018.

This is what is known as Jomo (Joy of Missing Out), a step Hygge beyond that triumphed in 2017. therefore, generally forms become more enveloping curves and the dimensions of key pieces such as sofas, they grow everything in order to make the home a space to escape the noise and stress. These are the trends in design and decoration for 2018, accordingHouzz.es.


The first trend highlighted  according Houzz.es, is the interest in very aseptic spaces, simplestraight lines, where the warm spot they put natural materials such as wood. White and gray are the two colors used to shape neutral spaces and, in many cases, are accompanied by the latest in home automation.

In any case, there is some interest in making the bathroom a place with character, halfway between the natural and romantic. Wallpaper with floral motifs large, large monstera leaves, bananas, or more complex reasons is one of the most obvious trends.addition, the gold finish comes to accessories like mirrors or faucet.


‘Total White’ is over. Increasingly we see options like blank wall cabinets and wall units in gray, for example, a combination that visually enlarges the kitchens.addition, new colors, like navy are introduced. The black and gray are trend. Also the use of materials that contribute to the kitchen a vivid appearance, see impersonations cement, also rusty steel, natural stones.


In space, raw simplicity. It is reduced tobare minimum storage space. In this sense, kitchens clear, no front furniture, gaining followers. The space above the water area and preparation in order to achieve better visual integration in the day is released. The vinyl carpets also conquer the kitchen.


Bye, bye ‘vintage’. Excess, the mixture is finished. The trend is towards a Mid Century style bit exaggerated, hued neutral colors, wallpapers in soft colors and evocative shapes on couches. Metallic finishes, especially in lighting, put anote shrill accent.


course, open spaces remain a trend, but now seeksseparate without visually interrupting. Fixed glass panels and sliding doors of the same materialmantienen the concept of open space, but while independentspace.


lamps are becoming increasingly important. They are fundamental to providing a unique and sculptural element to the inner point. A good lamp is able to qualify a space for itself. In this regard,is clear that the roof claimed an important place in the decoration. If floors and walls are enriched with textures and colors, the ceiling also dresses with painted, colored or plaster moldings to generate impact papers.


in decoration, the importance lies in the tone, not pure colors. There are several colors dominate the interiors in 2018:

Millennial Rosa.It is a soft, warm tone that combines, for example, yellow pineapple, to be worn on apparel and accessories.

Yellow pineapple, especially in apparel and accessories.

Green oil trend in kitchen furniture.

Dark in kitchens,blue. bathrooms and walls to look deep  It is the color of 2018.

Attention! Monochrome trendalso be spaces: everyof the house is painted in a single tone.

Decorative elements andfinishes

classicBustos colors. Add a piece that originally is so serious and classical, but in colors that break everything becomes perfect decoration surprise element.

Layettes natural fibers


Animals and plants conquer the design

textures on walls. ¿Bored tiles forever?

More and more manufacturers think in 3D and also color, add volume to the proposed tiles.



mid-century furniture. Take off your head the Nordic style and welcomes the pieces of Italian style and French, much more elegant, curvy, wraparound pieces, upholstered in velvet or lacquered finishes in bright and bold colors. Over cozy luxury!

The sofa becomes a starring role in 2018. It grows in size and depth with the intention of creating areas nice and quiet meeting. Also send simple lines.